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The Value of AI: Proven Use Cases

Proven ROI

While a lot of the news about AI is dominated by hype and exaggeration, there are many techniques that are proven and ready provide powerful insights to companies willing to adopt them.  A report by Service Corp of Retired Executes shows that small business receive a meaningful return on investment (ROI) when they use data analytics to both find new customers and retain existing customers.  Advanaces in AI focuses on delivering solutions that are profitable and fit your current skills and infrastructure.
Neural Net Studio allows you to apply AI insight to several keys areas important to a small business

  • Marketing,

    • Segment your customers and prospects

  • Customer Service

    • Automate email processing.

  • Business Analysis

    • Bookkeeping tasks, such as categorizing receipts​

    • Augment your data with weather, event, news information to better understand your market

  • Task Automation

  • Business Domain Problems

About AiA

My Goal is to leverage the power of AI to achieve real results for small businesses.

The driving goal of Advances in AI is helping application developers leverage the power of modern AI to bring amazing features to their work.  
There is a lot of hype and noise around AI in software.  We work hard to find the techniques that are ready for productization.  We than make those algorithms easy to use for .NET, PHP, Java, and Node developers.
We have been creating developer tools for over 20 years.  We have helped thousands of organizations bring their applications to the next level and delight customers and managers.
The software world is just beginning a profound shift in capabilities and expectations.  We aim to help application developers unleash their creativity and design features that impress.  Our tools break down the barriers to AI and get the technical complexity out of your way.

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